KVDM’s Kathleen C. Moriarty, Esq. Appears on Local Radio Show

KVDM elder law attorney, Kathleen C. Moriarty, Esq., was recently invited to join Beach Radio’s “The Lighter Side of Finance,” hosted by David Crossan, Senior Financial Advisor and Senior Vice President – Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Moriarty joined the show on February 22nd to share her expertise on Medicare and Medicaid, including:

  • What Medicare and Medicaid cover
  • The key differences between the two
  • Nursing home costs
  • Asset transfers
  • “Spending down” assets

Moriarty touched on the resource and income eligibility requirements for Medicaid, the only government program that will pay for long-term care, and explained that New Jersey’s standing as an income cap state requires individuals with income above $2,205.00 to establish what’s called a qualified income trust with the Medicaid office or an elder law attorney. She then discussed the differences in Medicaid for married couples, along with the recapturing risks and nuances involved.

Practicing law in the State of New Jersey since 2008 and also admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and before the U.S. District Court District of New Jersey, Moriarty has become a local authority on Medicare, Medicaid and elder law. To hear her full 2/22/17 appearance on “The Lighter Side of Finance,” click here. To learn more about Moriarty herself and the rest of the KVDM team, click here.

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